RealFlow C4D R25流体模拟插件Win破解版

可以在Cinema 4D里面模拟RealFlow流体效果,仅支持Win版本C4D R25

RealFlow | Cinema 4D gives you the best in fluid simulation, directly inside Cinema 4D. Now you can achieve high-end simulations with an even easier workflow.

Look closer

  • 模拟高速微距拍摄时常见的流体效果。
  • Simulate fluid effect typically seen at Hi-speed macro photography.

Mesher meets Cinema 4D fields

  • 利用域来定义要网格化的区域。
  • Take advantage of Fields to define regions to be meshed.
  • 节省调整网格的时间。
  • Save time tuning meshes.

Cinema 4D oriented workflow

  • 更灵活地控制C4D样条线上的力和粒子发射器等
  • More flexibility to define forces and particle emissions along Cinema 4D splines.

Put all together

  • 只在一个文件中拼接模拟结果,粒子和网格。
  • Stitch your simulation results, particles and meshes, in just one Alembic file.


  • 拷贝NextLimit文件夹到C4D安装目录的plugins即可


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RealFlow C4D R25流体模拟插件Win破解版