Blender模型尺寸测量插件 Geometry Nodes Dimensions System V2

GN Dimension Tools Groups包含多种测量功能,包括测量模型的长宽高、弧度角度等,比如米、厘米、毫米、英寸、英尺、度和弧度等

With this geometry node groups, you can measure your 3D models and export the technical data with your model. Easy for rendering or upload them to sketchfab. Use by adding the Geometry nodes group to a loose edge and adjust the parameters. Angles and distances can be measured, and we are currently supporting meters, centimeter, millimeters, inches, feet, degrees and radians automatically. The annotations arrow can be used to add additional information to your models. The measurements can easily be animated by hook modifiers, shape keys or bones, where your measurements update in real time.


  • 3.1, 3.2, 3.3


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Blender模型尺寸测量插件 Geometry Nodes Dimensions System V2