您将学习设置和破坏几何体、变形金属、创建和控制约束、使用 RBD、Vellum 和 Pyro 执行模拟,生成碎片、灰尘、体积等等。

教您在新的 Houdini 18.5 中使用的最新工具和工作流程。



In this Houdini destruction course, we are going to shake the earth to collapse a huge bridge.

You will learn to set up and fracture geometry, deform metals, create and control constraints, perform simulations with RBDs, Vellum and Pyro, generate debris, dust, volumes, and a lot more.

We will teach you the latest tools and workflows used in the new Houdini 18.5.

Upon completion of this course, you will have gained a set of technical and artistic skills that will allow you to develop feature-film-quality destruction shots for your demo reel.

We will include all the assets and hip files used in the course, including the bridge, various car models, all Arnold shaders, cameras, and the final scenes of every week.

Although this is not a course on lighting, rendering, and composition, you will learn what it takes to present your work with a professional finish. For more information, see the content of Week 5.